Saturday, May 27, 2023

Kootenai County Sheriff's Office blotter

| May 18, 2023 1:00 AM

Notable Calls for the day — May 12

Total Phone Calls: 188

Total 911 Phone Calls: 287

Total calls dispatched: 417

Day Shift

Detectives and Patrol responded to a residence and took a juvenile into custody as she was a runaway from out of state. This incident is still under investigation.

Deputies responded to Beauty Creek Campground for what was suspected to be a domestic dispute. A caller dialed 911 and was out of breath, but the call was dropped prior to getting any information. Deputies arrived on the scene and found one person at the campsite. The other party left and went to a location in CDA which was confirmed. Report completed.

Deputies responded to the area of Signal Point, as a resident in the City of Post Falls believed they saw what they believed were signals from a mirror in the area. The caller believed someone was in danger. Deputies determined the signal was the sun reflecting on all the residences in the area.

Deputies responded to an injury accident at Hayden Avenue and Huetter Road. One of the drivers claimed his brakes went out as they were traveling N/B approaching the stop sign, however, the very distinct skid marks on the roadway proved otherwise. Citations were issued.

Deputies responded to Corbin Park for an empty kayak floating down the river. When deputies arrived on scene, they contacted two males, who were wearing lifejackets. They stated they were whitewater kayaking and overturned in the rapids. Once in the water, one of the males was sucked under water due to the current. The male told first responders that he would not have survived the incident if he was not wearing his lifejacket and had his friend rescue him. This is an important reminder that this time of year, the current on the Spokane River is very dangerous, and even experienced kayakers need to be cautious.

Detectives and the U.S. Marshals Office located and arrested the wanted male from Post Falls Police SWAT incident the day before. He was taken into custody without incident.

Evening Shift

Deputies responded to an injury accident at Wyoming and Government Way. All of the injuries were non-life threatening.

Deputies responded to an address in Hayden for a possible domestic dispute. Deputies arrived on the scene and found two subjects were where intoxicated, and the argument was over one of the parties wanting to leave. Deputies facilitated separating the parties for the night as one of the parties had an active warrant out of another county and was arrested.

Deputies responded to what was originally reported as a fight in the Arby’s parking lot in Hayden. When deputies arrived on the scene only one party, an elderly male, was left. It was learned the fight was over a possible road rage incident. Both parties pulled into the parking lot, and during the argument, the elderly male was pushed down. The elderly male admitted he “flipped” a driver off when he honked his horn. The male did not want to press any charges.

A deputy made a traffic stop at Honeysuckle and Finucane. During the stop, it was learned the driver had an active warrant. It was also determined the driver had been drinking. The driver was arrested, but at the jail, he became unresponsive and was taken to KH where it was determined he was faking it. A warrant was secured, and a blood draw was completed. He was booked in for felony DUI as well as his warrant.

Night Shift

Deputies assisted Post Falls Police with several calls throughout the night due to them being tied up with other calls. Nothing of note on our end.

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