Thursday, March 30, 2023

EDITORIAL: Don't flinch in backing Ukraine democracy

| March 1, 2023 1:00 AM

Just past the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Americans remain fully committed to supporting their democracy-loving brothers and sisters at Russia’s doorstep.

Or do we?

President Biden’s surprising and courageous visit fortified resolve in some quarters, but a number of people, including some prominent presidential candidates and other influential politicians, appear to be wavering. In essence, the word “unconditional” is slipping from the support description, meaning erosion is now underway.

Of course there are limits to the money and munitions the U.S. can provide, but it is our opinion that our nation must remain united in its broad and deep support for Ukraine. That includes rallying support among allies and winning over neutrals by showing them the risks and rewards of backing Ukraine in more than words.

In a Fox News opinion piece (, national security expert Michael Allen outlined five key reasons why the U.S. should help Ukraine defeat Russia. In short, he argues that U.S. backing is actually an inexpensive way to weaken Russia’s ability to invade Europe — a prospect that isn’t at all far-fetched based on what Russia’s leader has shown in the past year.

The five reasons are:

1) Ukraine keeps the war from spreading

2) Ukraine is degrading a hostile Russia

3) Ukrainian success helps restore economic vitality [in the U.S. and globally]

4) A victorious Ukraine helps the U.S. competition with China

5) A Ukrainian victory promotes American values

Please take time to read Allen’s arguments and explanations. In 2022, you’ll see, the U.S. spent about 2.6% of its defense budget on weaponry for Ukraine. Those looking at the expense from a fiscal perspective alone would struggle to show why that isn’t a good investment.

Of course, there’s far more to American support for democracy than financial ROIs. Understanding and pursuing our Founding Fathers' ideals are, in fact, what make America great.

The Press strongly encourages Idaho’s members of Congress — Sen. Jim Risch, Sen. Mike Crapo, Rep. Russ Fulcher and Rep. Mike Simpson — to unflinchingly back Ukraine to the fullest extent possible, no matter which way the headwinds of negativity might blow.

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