Wednesday, November 29, 2023

BANDUCCI: Resignation would secure accreditation

| June 2, 2023 1:00 AM

A May 26 Coeur d’Alene Press article said the NIC board of trustees voted on a statement regarding its many no-confidence votes. Why? The board’s opinion won’t change the votes, so what’s the point? More striking was Mr. Banducci’s rambling tirade about a completely different issue. He spent much of the article moaning about an incident where someone threw water on him. That sucks, but it’s hardly life-threatening. Then he said he was a senior military officer, when I read he was just a major in the reserves. I don’t know if he did any active duty, let alone combat, which might explain his fretting over a bucket of water.

He claims to be a leader, but focusing on personal concerns that are common with many jobs instead of NIC’s problems, which he created, is not leadership. He speaks of civil discourse, toning down rhetoric, reciprocal treatment… That’s fine, but do it, don’t preach it, hypocrite!

He must know that actions cause reactions. The board’s actions of the past two years showed scorn for the community, yet now they beg for support and wonder why they’re despised. The community doesn’t threaten accreditation. Three trustees do. They created this fiasco on their own, disregarding all public input, not even allowing it at times. And Banducci thinks he’s a victim? Wow. Time is running out with the ball in the board’s hands. They can’t blame the fans for a loss. I’ll bet one act would secure NIC’s accreditation — Banducci’s resignation.



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