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PUBLIC SCHOOLS: How did we get here?

| September 28, 2022 1:00 AM

1965 — Public School teachers (not students) begin representation by the National Education Association (NEA).

Immediately, politicians begin pandering to “the largest body of voters in America — teachers.” Few can deny that substantive improvements were most often put on the “back burner.” Foreign nations quickly passed America’s once great public schools.

Teachers’ jobs quickly become “jobs for life!” It became virtually impossible to remove a teacher. By 1995, any “threshold of academic performance for graduation” was seldom enforced.

Across America, college bound public high school programs (AP and college prep) became the territory of the better educated parents and their progeny — thus leaving the vast majority (typically 70-80%) under-educated and under motivated for life. Most teachers learned to hand out “gift grades” as highly overpaid and vastly overstaffed “supervision” looked the other way.

Note: I am a retired pilot, retired public school teacher, and ex union steward. While teaching, “we” experienced a complete absence of oversight of the education processes and teaching content by overcompensated “supervision.” Now, “sick” CRT, troubled anti-American initiatives, and COVID manipulations are part of our schools.

Why would I come forward when a significant percentage of teachers are diligent and effective? Our public schools “educate” 90% of our citizens while acting absolutely unaccountable for its ever worsening and dismal results. We can no longer compete with quality world education systems. School Boards: Please do your jobs. Take action. Do to this disgraceful education debacle, America is — AT RISK!


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