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Goal reached, a finish line toast

| September 28, 2022 1:00 AM

On Sept. 1, Dani Zibell Wolfe began a quest to celebrate the month of her birth 64 years ago by running one mile for each year she’s been alive. For anyone who knows Dani, it’s an ambitious but very doable goal for her to meet. She walks and runs regularly and has worked with Ironman athletes for over a decade.

With 30 days in the month, she needed to average 2 miles a day with a couple days of 3 or 4 miles, even on days she didn’t feel like running. To put 64 miles in perspective, if you ran from Post Falls to Mullan on I-90 that would be 63.9 miles. Dani traveled this month, so some of her miles took place in Washington, D.C., and Atlantic City.

On Monday, she rounded up friend Jamè Davis to join her on the Sloth Running Team. It’s a virtual 5k race sponsored by which will benefit Stand Up to Cancer.

The friends started at at Falls Park and ran/walked the Centennial Trail to McGuire Road, taking Dani to her 64-mile mark finish line four days early.

Summer made an encore appearance with temperatures reaching 85 degrees but it didn't dampen the excitement of achieving such a lofty goal for the birthday girl.

The rest of us sloths salute her!


In 1992, Chris Guggemos had a vision to share his love for music with the community and the free summer concert series began. His Handshake Productions, with generous sponsors, has endured for three decades.

I doubt that Chris spent a single moment of his life thinking about his legacy, but with his death Monday, after a cancer diagnosis in 2017, his legacy in our communities is apparent.

Beyond the joy of music in the parks on a summer evening, people are talking about his kindness and the example he set. Chris was a giver and a doer. His bright, flowered shirts reflected his own joy.

I'm quite sure Chris was greeted at the gates of Heaven with a hand shake and a band of musicians and singers playing all of his favorite songs.


Happy Birthday today to Kayla Troxell, Kylie Solberg, Meg Elyard, Natalie Loval, Ken Cook, Wayne Riddle and Bryan Czarapata. Tomorrow our oldest grandson Matt Snider, A’mya Ohlig, John Holley, Gina Myers, Peg Mettalia, Phil Corliss, Greg Youngman, Jim Rosenlund, Shellie Mundy and Marilyn Griffitts blow out the candles. On the last day of September our youngest daughter Sarah Polk shares the date with Steve Griffitts, Debra Raymer, Don Schmitt, Jeff Baltzell, Wilma Mort, Dan Grimmett, Valerie Mesenbrink, Brett Hollenbeck, Ann Siebert and Donna Cooper. Oct. 1 birthdays belong to Casey Irgens, Jill Gardner and Kathi Southland. On Sunday Wendy Medlock, Jack Sjostrom, Dana Kinsey, Rebecca Armstrong, Millie Eylar, Linda Harris, Reneè Mullan, Karla Derton and David Tabakman are celebrating another trip around the sun. Andy Stidham, Dave Bobbitt, Dave Priano, Madison Morrow, Darcy Johnson, Shylo Deubner, Meilee Anderson and Jeff McLean mark their birthdays on Monday. Tuesday celebrants are Mary Wolfinger, Jada Olson, Michael Hillman, Barbara Lovett, Teri Grubbs, Valerie Queen, Ami Manning, John Beebe, Mike Bryan, Tommy Lynn and Nicole Sobelman.


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