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EDITORIAL: Founding Fathers would adore these daughters

| September 23, 2022 1:00 AM

In honor of the last day of Constitution Week, we thought we’d give you a little test. If you ace this baby, you’re likely in the upper one-millionth percentile of American patriots.


1) Lt. George Farragut was born in what country? (Bonus: In what year?)

2) Which organization has this as its mission statement? "Our mission is to promote patriotism, education, and historic preservation, and to serve our country by preserving the memory and spirit of the men and women who fought or gave service in the cause of freedom and independence during the American Revolutionary War."

3) Who is Nancy Beyer?

OK, let’s see how you did.

The answer to No. 1 is Spain (1755).

That outstanding mission statement belongs to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

And Nancy Beyer is the delightful, diligent member of the Lt. George Farragut chapter of DAR who partners with The Press each year in sharing front page Constitution Week Spotlights with tens of thousands of local readers.

Among Kootenai County’s boundless blessings are a number of women’s service clubs and groups who enrich life for members not just of their clubs, but of the community at large. The Press has had a very long and close relationship with 3Cs — Cancer & Community Charities — as one example.

But this time each year, the local DAR chapter takes center stage. This robust, high energy group sets a shining example for the national organization, formed in 1890 as a non-political, volunteer nonprofit.

Press readers also partake of the Lt. George Farragut chapter’s annual essay contest for local students. From time to time, still more events and honors involving the chapter make headlines, too.

But Sept. 17-23 each year is special, and Constitution Week is honored here because our friends at the local DAR Chapter approached us years ago with the opportunity to shed some insights into the timeless, inspired document created by our Founding Fathers.

And so, dear Daughters, your community thanks you and appreciates you. May you proudly preserve history and promote non-political patriotism into perpetuity.

• • •

Learn more about the local DAR chapter:

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