Wednesday, October 05, 2022

TIME: Give a little

| September 21, 2022 1:00 AM

Our time seems extremely valuable these days which I fully understand and can be empathetic to the daily grind myself.

The ever so comings and goings like a whirlwind can be overwhelming, but if one has extra time to give, volunteer I say. Help out our local community with a local coaching gig, donate some said time to an organized litter pickup, or give time to our local youth by coming out and supporting them in their many wide variety activity’s and or passion’s. Our time is never too limited and giving back to this area is a great reminder to those generations below us that one’s civic duty can be an outstanding opportunity both personal and professional down the road. One of the greatest lessons learned is giving something back with zero expectations attached, no “atta” boy/girl, no self-serving ego boost, just salt of the earth time to those who need us now more than ever.

If we do not step up now and set that example of helping thy neighbor, I’m afraid we will then have a generation upon generation of entitled, stuck to one’s phone, selfishly unaware fellow North Idahoans taking the mantle. Give some time to these future leaders, and help them grow into compassionate people. So throw some comfy clothes on, jump in your car and find out what our local community may need. The reward ALWAYS outweighs the risk in giving some of our time up.


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