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EDITORIAL: Double up now against illnesses

| September 21, 2022 1:00 AM

Two shots.

One trip.

No worries.

For you who understand and accept the benefits of vaccines, consider tackling two viruses at once.

It’s time for our annual flu shots, and medical experts are suggesting we also get our autumn COVID booster at the same time.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and other immunization pros, there’s no data to suggest that having both shots in one appointment will increase side effects. And there are some clear benefits.

One is that by doing both the booster and the flu shot in one visit - one in each arm - you won’t forget to go back for the other shot later.

Another is that because both viruses are enormously unpredictable, your protection starts quickly in case flu season arrives earlier than usual.

Typically, scientists have documented, October is the ideal month for flu shots. That’s because February has historically seen flu season peaks. However, there are indications flu season could arrive earlier — sometimes it peaks as early as December. There’s no reason to hold off protection any longer than necessary.

Here’s still another reason to get them both in one go: Waiting until October or later means bigger crowds and longer waits are likely. By getting your shots now, you might avoid having to hang out waiting with potentially sick people later.

Most local pharmacies are well stocked with flu vaccines and new COVID boosters. One trip and you’ll be prepared for whatever wretched illnesses this winter has in store.

For more information on the vaccines, flu season statistics and more, read:

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