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Haunting tales lurk in North Idaho

Staff Writer | October 15, 2022 1:06 AM

Hairs prickle on the back of the neck while wandering through the Museum at the Brig in Farragut State Park.

If you listen closely, you can almost hear the past on replay, the footfalls of the thousands of young men and women who lived, trained and worked there when Farragut was a Naval training station.

If you listen even closer, some say you can hear voices whisper German words, perhaps spiritual residue leftover from prisoners of World War II who found themselves imprisoned in the middle of nowhere in North Idaho. Some have reported seeing the specter of a German soldier watching from a window. Orbs, which some believe are manifestations of spiritual energy, have been caught on camera. People have heard a cell door clanging even when the cells are still. The collection of historical items only adds to the creep factor, items emitting their own energy from a bygone era, or perhaps drawing close the ghosts of those who once used, wore or treasured those items. Some have reported these objects moving on their own, touched by unseen hands.

Eerie tales lurk in the darkest corners of North Idaho. This Halloween season, share yours with us.


North Idaho is home to locations loaded with local lore, haunted histories and spooky stories. Share your terrifying tales with paranormal reporter Devin Weeks. Email dweeks@cdapress.com or call 208-664-8176 x 1111. Happy haunting.

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