Monday, December 11, 2023

REGAN: Stop undermining election process

| November 23, 2022 1:00 AM

I had to chuckle while reading Brent Regan’s “Opinion: Election Confidence,” and not just because he’s quoting the author of Dilbert as an authoritative source for how to run an election. Apparently, he has forgotten that the KCRCC and Republican Party platform adopted and still cling to unproven election fraud conspiracies as a rallying cry to draw votes. If the goal is to restore confidence in the election process, then stop undermining it by continuing to repeat “The Big Lie.”

Brent makes a valid point about perfect accuracy not being necessary unless it’s a close race, but then talks about spoiled ballots which make up a negligible portion of the votes? A secondary scanner at the polling place would only hinder the voting process and provide no benefit. He quotes a voting machine company that, unsurprisingly, would prefer people vote in person using their equipment. Did he forget this was one of the companies his party falsely claimed helped steal the election?

The reality is that our election process actually works pretty well, and there is no evidence of widespread fraud despite one party insisting otherwise. The Republicans are against absentee and early voting because those votes tend to lean toward Democratic candidates.



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