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GROWTH: Cities and counties should explore solutions

| November 23, 2022 1:00 AM

“Tackling Growth Together” was interesting to read but left me wondering about solutions and when they might be implemented. More apartments for ‘workforce’ housing are not a solution, it is a temporary bandage that provides no significant benefit for a real community. A city needs a significant majority of housing to be owner-occupied, not rentals.

There seems to be an opportunity presenting itself as recession and housing ‘downturn’ could, if applicable entities acted promptly, allow affordability. The cities and the county could develop a loan program, tightly controlled. I reiterate that: Tightly controlled, to offer loans to teachers and emergency personnel at rates that are more reminiscent of six months ago (3% APR, not 7%) but with a proviso that the homes must be owner occupied, and the loan is due if sold or rented out and if that occurs in less than five years (?) then 10% of any purchase price over the original cost is due to the entity providing the loan.

Ownership and equity are keys to citizen involvement and creating a community. Every effort should be made to provide homes for owners, not rentals for investors.


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