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Youth Sports May 25, 2022

| May 25, 2022 1:30 AM




Intechtel – Sydney Viaud 1 goal.

Panacea Financial – Mercy Smith 2 goals.


Papa Murphys – Ocoe Kaplan and Hailey Gittel 2 goals.

NAPA – Harper Wing and Austen Young 1 goal.

Dorian Photography – Gwen Crandall 5 goals.

Ironman Foundation – Zoey Johnson 2 goals and Parvati Palmgren 1 goal.


The Wellness Bar – Cedar Edwards 1 goal.


Ironman Foundation – Rowan Walker 2 goals and Timmy Shotropa 1 goal.

Thorco – Hunter Hermance 1 goal.


Cannon Hill Industries – Nathan Burrington 2 goals and Austin Little 1 goal.

Young Construction – Carter Loewe 2 goals, Carter Tjensvoll and Matthew Green 1 goal.

1st Choice Insurance Brokers – Bentley Knoll 2 goals.


Andrea Jensen Photography – Darius Kitsak 2 goals, Gavin Karlinsey, Johnny Kitsak and Ayden Rodriquez 1 goal each.

Thorco – Lyric Young 4 goals.

Ironman Foundation – Gabrielle Hill 1 goal.

Scott Carr Realtor – Anna Ploof, Malakai Zastrow, and Tanner Zastrow 1 goal each.

Andrea Jensen Photography – Gavin Karlinsey and Darius Kitsak 1 goal each.

Crandall Law Firm – Reese Crandall and Logan Thompson 1 goal.

Cd’A Press – Jonny Robu, Zach Fadness and John Shotropa 1 goal each.



May 16, 18, 21


Ben Caldwell Finishing v H&M Photography 1-0; scoring for Ben Caldwell Finishing was Emma Heinz (1).


EDC Kustoms v All Season Rain Gutters 5-3; scoring for EDC was Gavin Mooney (4), and Caleb Harris (1); scoring for All Season was Austin Wilson (3).

Spirit Lake Park & Recreation v EDC Kustoms 8-4; scoring for SLPR were Ben Dirks (4), Caleb Harris (2), and Wyatt Jensen(2); scoring for EDC was Gavin Mooney (4).

EDC Kustoms v Spirit Lake Park & Recreation 6-6; scoring for EDC were Austin Wilson (1), Zachery Blainsfield (1), Gavin Mooney (4); scoring for SLPR were Ben Dirks (3), Finn Dahlin (1), and Caleb Harris (2).

Spirit Lake Park & Recreation v All Season Rain Gutters 1-0; scoring for SLPR was Ben Dirks (1).



U4 Soccer (3 & 4 yr. old)

Dairy Queen-Rathdrum and Garwood Pull and Pay LLC

Scotlyn Swick (1); Tanner Higbee (1), Madelyn Griggs (1), Heather Higbee (3)

Mountain View Forestry and Merlin’s Comedy Club

Rowdy Graves (1), Blake Hogan (1); Madelynn Stevens (2), Nolan Hanni (1), Grayson Lefever (3)

Auction Depot and Scotty’s Backflow

Charlotte Thornton (3); Bria Scott (3), Felicity Henningsgaard (1)

Total Tax Inc. and Kootenai Imaging

Kaylee Fallis (2), Kohen Schumacher (2); Luca Paniagua (1), Everleigh Paxton (1)

Inland NW Spine and Rathdrum Parks and Recreation

Maci Heinz (5), Maizy Meyer (3), June Sapp (7), Ethan Landrum (6)

TDS Fiber and Freije Homes

Cruz Gelz (8); Lexi Freije (1), Cameron Landers (1), Mckelty Smith (1)

U6 Soccer (5 & 6 yr. old)

Dairy Queen-Rathdrum and Precision Dental of Post Falls

Alaijah Green (2), Lucas Karle (3), Autumn Kramer (1), Taylor Tanner (2);

Champion Concrete and Freije Homes

Kolby Daniels (6), Brantley Saeger (1); Cole Mayfield (1)

Border Sheet Metal and Lodestar Construction Service

Daisy Ash (1), Britney Wright (1), Emma Mustered (2), Mikayla Reed (1); Oliver Lundy (1)

Mihara Law Kootenai County Utilities

Oliver Coppert (2), Matthew Clair (2), Esther Mihara (1)

NNAC INC and Bombshell Offroad

Trinity Fisher (1), Kendall Frank (1), Easton Schelin (2), Jayley Fisher (1), Hudson Roraback (1)

TDS Fiber and Selling North Idaho ReMax

Brenner Thompson (2); Milly Davenport (1)

TK’S Painting LLC and Ferguson Flatwork

Wyatt Drake (2), Logan Lujan (1); Harlee Wynand (1), Maren Rauscher (1)

Mountain View Forestry and Merlin’s Comedy Club

Cielle Ellis (4), Sawyer Bowers (1); Guster Stevens (1)

U8 Soccer (7 & 8 yr. old)

Nightingales Nestling Lactation and Mihara Law

Tripp Mcleod (1), Emrey Chadwell (1), Carter Woodcock (1), Lincoln Swanson (1); Cora Mihara (1), Hayden Taysom (1)

Kresch Real Estate and Blacks Inc.

Jacqueline McCloy (1)

Blacks Inc. and Mihara Law

Archer Alderson (2), Kleh Rogers (2); Cameron Duran (1)

Real Alloy Mountain View Forestry

Isaiah Thompson (2), Parker Singer (4); Kona Hice (1)

Quality Stoves and CW Construction

Christopher Thompson (1), Olivia Bitton (1); Camdyn Gelz (1), Addi Wilhelm (1), Jenna Tanner (1)

Champion Concrete and Kresch Real Estate

Mason Higbee (3)

U12 Soccer (11 & 12 yr. old)

Kresch Real Estate and Rathdrum Parks and Recreation

Mason Peltier (1)

NW Specialty Hospital and ZS Enterprises LLC

Noah Pack (1), Parker Cathey (6); Stellan Sanborn (1), Saydie Green (1), Naomi Beuving (1)



Week 6

May 21


5 Fox Trailers – Andrew Bentz 2, Josiah Lange 1, Kaiden White 1, Baer Winegar 1 0 Andys Arbor –

0 Northwest Specialty Hospital –

6 The Last Dance – Ryan Bridges 2, Jude Counts 1, Fischer Veltri 1, Andre Weitzel 1, Noah Weitzel 1

1 David Evans & Associates, Inc. – Patrick Leahy

6 Viking Construction – Gerard Eloe-Bryer 4, James Eloe-Bryer 1, Madeline Spruill 1


2 Empowered Through Play, LLC – Henry Thurston 2

3 Saturday Night, Inc. – Rylan Metzger 3

1 Stateline Speedway – Asher Taylor 1

1 English Funeral Chapel – Aylia Peterson 1

6 Cannon Hill Industries – Tanner Best 1, Preston Bright 5

0 North Idaho State Fair –

0 Young Construction of Idaho Inc. -

9 Specialty Forrest Products – Jackson Cameron 1, Brooke Frankenberg 2, Brysen Hunter 2, Lydia Kreyssler 2, Blake Sharp 2

2 Dairy Queen of Post Falls – Carter Holden 1, Anders Misner 1

0 Mountain America Credit Union –


1 English Funeral Chapel – Deklan Adams 1

4 Peach Orthodontics – Marshall Comstock 2, Hunter Cook 2

3 Brulotte Paint and Seal – Parker Nelson 2, Rowdy Ramsey 1

2 Pacific Golf and Turf – Eddy Redding 2

3 James, Vernon & Weeks, P.A. – Cade Holden 1, Nixon Keyes, 2

0 Blue Dog RV –

3 Patriot Home Inspections – Annabella Bazan 1, Liam Dahl 1, Kinzley Mohr 1,

0 Fu-Ki Japanese Steakhouse –

Mini 6s

0 Hagadone Directories –

7 Stateline Speedway – Cian Andrus 2, Jaiden Encinas 2, Reed Marine 3

4 Ragged Ridge Machining – Finnegan Taylor 3, Avery Pulsipher 1

1 Brumbach Dentistry – Nicolas Edgar 1

6 Post Falls Brewing – Michael Bumb 4, Nomad Hout 1, Sloane Stokes 1

0 Akina Custom – BLLRS Motorsports –

5 Post Falls Auto Auction –Anabelle Guthrie 2, Nash Jones 3

1 Riverstone Dental Care – Luna Ekstedt 1

Micro 5s

5 VCA Kootenai Animal Hospital – Alyvia Ogle 3, Andrew Perkins 2

1 Post Falls Brewing – Kevin Sahm 1

7 Post Falls Auto Auction – Maddie Hazelton 2, Lincoln Triebwasser 5

0 Hagadone Directories –

2 Lean Kitchen – Aiden D’Angelo 1, Grace Looney 4

6 Century Publishing – Lucian Fobia 1, Lyra Rosario-Rhoades 1

4 Brumbach Dentistry – Adalyn Neal 1, Peyton Schock 3

6 Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry – Bohdi Christopherson 4, Aspen Glassmoyer 1, Isaac Koontz 1

8 Quiz Griz – Calum Hughes 3, Finch Campbell 1, Maximus Stover 4

5 James, Vernon & Weeks, P.A. – Elijah Deruelle 2, Sawyer Kiser 3

Flag football

May 21

1st & 2nd Grade Division

7 Day Dental Smiles: Lincoln Baier 1 touchdown, 2 receptions & 2 tackles, Kanyen Bentcik 1 reception, Kieran Friedt 2 tackles, Declan Hughes 2 tackles, Fletcher Quaale 1 tackle

Champion Concrete Pumping & Conveying: Cameron Carver 1 touchdown & 3 tackles, Jase Carver 1 touchdown & 1 reception, Cortez Escamilla 1 touchdown & 5 tackles, Gauge Francis 1 touchdown & 4 tackles, Bridyn Hardrick 1 touchdown, Jesse Martin 1 touchdown, Aidan Miracle 1 touchdown & 2 tackles, Jordan Orr 1 touchdown & 2 tackles, Flynn Teverbaugh 1 touchdown

Kootenai Electric Cooperative: Lane Churchill 1 reception, Kaiden Davis 2 tackles, Brantley Dolan 1 touchdown & 1 interception, Brantlee Kane 1 tackle, Tysen Millsap 1 reception & 3 tackles, Mason Potts 1 recption & 2 tackles, Tristan Updegrave 1 touchdown & 1 interception

Post Falls Brewing: Tyzaiah Blodgett 2 tackles, Deegan Giovanardi 1 reception & 6 tackles, Alex Nicholson 1 touchdown & 1 reception, Jacob Sylvain 1-2pt. PAT

3rd & 4th Grade Division

Bugle Construction: Ashdyn Birsette 1 reception & 1 tackle, Nathan Boren 1 tackle, Brandin Colglazier 2 receptions, Seth Monje 1 reception, Avery Nevarez 3 tackles

Little Spuds Christian Preschool: Baylor Gibbs 1 reception & 3 tackles, Brayden Hixson 2 receptions & 3 tackles, Kellen Netz 1 reception & 1 tackle, Shane Schroeder 2 receptions & 2 tackles, Tony Thiel 1 reception & 2 tackles

Park Model Homes: Jaxin Bell 1 touchdown, 1 reception & 2 tackles, Jeremiah Cade 1 touchdown, 2 interceptions & 1 tackle, Levi Day 1 tackle, Madson Ott 1 tackle, Sylas Saris 1-2pt. PAT & 1 tackle, Jett Simkins 1-2pt. PAT & 4 tackles, Braxton Smith 1 touchdown, 1 reception & 2 tackles

Riverstone Dental Care: Jackson Chisholm 2 touchdowns & 2 tackles, Kaven Conner 1 touchdown & 3 tackles, Torin Conner 2 interceptions & 1 tackle, Bryson Dolliver 3 tackles, Kingston Forrest 2 tackles, Finn Greenland 1 touchdown, Scout Peterson 1-1pt. PAT & 2 tackles, Tyson Phillips 1 tackle, Griffin Redmond 2 tackles, Logan Strasser 2 touchdowns & 1 tackle, Boston Wolfinger 1 tackle

5th & 6th Grade Division

Young Construction Group of Idaho: Kessler Bentcik 1 reception & 1 tackle, Tucker Douglas 1 touchdown, 1-1pt. PAT & 2 tackles, Everett Heidt 1 touchdown & 1 reception, Charlie Long 1 interception & 2 tackles, Jonathan Lowe 1 reception, Carter McNearney 1 tackle, Miller Nikoley 1 touchdown, Kegan Strange 2 touchdowns, 2 receptions, 1 interception & 1 tackle, Derek Tavares 1 tackle, Duke Winegar 1-1pt. PAT, 2 receptions

Fairway Floors: Ukiah Balback 2 receptions & 8 tackles, Landon Harbour 3 receptions & 1 tackle, Eli Hill 3 tackles, Eli Martin 1 tackle, Camden Sandford 2 receptions & 4 tackles, Andrew Spruill 1 reception, Blake Stokes 1 reception, Luke Thompson 4 receptions

Mountain America Credit Union: Henry Griffin 2 touchdowns, 1 interception & 2 tackles, John Griffin 1 touchdown, Cyrus Hernandez 1 touchdown, 2-1pt. PAT & 2 tackles, Jack Lasher 1 touchdown & 1 tackle, Bryson Sandoval 1 tackle, Nate Williams 1-1pt. PAT



May 21

At The Fields at Real Life Ministries

1/2nd Grade Division

Game 1

Cheetahs – 1

Green Dragons - 2

Cheetahs –

Goals - Grayson Mueller

Green Dragons

Goals –Liam Kemp, Zade Fawley

Game 2

Defenders - 2

Blue Destroyers - 0

The Defenders –

Goals – Tommy Cooper

Game 3 – Cereal Cup Championship Game

Flames – 1

Blue Thunder – 7 (1/2nd Grade Champions)

Blue Thunder

Goals –Rory Vick, Joel Hampsch, Caide Nyquest


Goals – Jackson Rogers

Game 4

Green Blades - 0

Panthers - 1


Goals – Audrey Anderson

Game 5

Cougars – 5

Great White Sharks - 1


Goals – Jase VanValin, Liam Mavrinac

Great White Sharks

Goals – Austin Realmuto

3/4th Grade Division

Game 1 – Cereal Cup Championship Game

Real Madrid – 1 – 3/4th Grade Champions

Artic Foxes – 0

Real Madrid

Goals – Aure Brennan,

Game 2

Blue Sharks - 4

Lil Disasters - 2

Blue Sharks

Goals – Cecilia Heape

Lil Disasters

Goals –Jace Cornett

Game 3

Orange Peels – 3

Corbras - 4

Orange Peels

Goals – Isaac Berghorst, Keegan Michael


Goals –Easton Erickson, Jude Anderson, Owen Sheppard

Game 4

White Huskies – 8

Mandalorians - 1

White Huskies

Goals – Isaac Steele, Aubree Dever Seth Morley, Cayden Teal


Goals – Levi Morrett

5/6th Grade Division

Game 1 – Cereal Cup Championship Game

Bayern Munich - 5

White Shadow - 1

White Shadow

Goals – Andy Cox, Lailah Bonner, Michael Lee

Bayern Munich

Goals – Porter VanValin and Sean Bradley

Game 2

Phoenix - 3

Warriors - 5


Goals –Amos Hunter, Isaac Hedman, Orlando Millan


Goals – Isaiah Lewis, Tyler Demczyk


May 21

At The Courts at Real Life Ministries

3rd to 5th Grade Division

Match 1

Sky Servers – 3 Sets

Sunset Spikers – 0 Sets

Sky Servers – Aces – Alex Regan, Ella Cook, Evelynn Milligan, Paisley Bardwell, Pennelope Mueller, Piper Gorham, Trinity DiFatta

Sunset Spikers – Aces –Addison Salas, Amelia Preiss, Emmalyn LaPierre Lucy Swanstrom, Lyla Denton, Olivia Harty

Match 2

The Royals – 1 Set

Fierce Wolves – 2 Set

The Royals – Aces – Adeleine Kain, Allie McKain, Amelia Lewis, Emery Gilbert, Hannah Batchelder, Raya Batchelder, Sophia McKain

Fierce Wolves – Aces –Bailey Banks, Ella Divine, Harmony Anderson, Harper Sanborn, Leah Vichinsky, Lucy Vranich, Parker Barclift, Riley Zirker, Sarah Mueller, Sophia Missler

Match 3

Spring Setters

Spit Fire

Spit Fire – Aces – Andi Barnhouse, Ava Durran, Brynley Hillyard, Finley Hill, Katelyn Doud, Lucy Meredith, Maddie Lawler, Taylor Gustin

Spring Setters – Aces – Bristol Schreiner, Dawsyn Chathams, Eisley

Stavness, Grace Kacalek, Hannah Ferguson, Kalli Realmuto, Kennedy Short

Match 4 – Cereal Cup Championship Game

Orange Crush – 1 Set

Purple Panthers – 2 Sets – 3/5th Grade Champions

Orange Crush (3/5th Grade) – Aces – Ada Lynch, Addison Rogers, Angeley Shields, Anika Travis, Iylee Wise, Liz Morley, Lyla Crawford, Sophia Rogers, Stella Cleave

Purple Panthers – Aces – Addison Baker, Finley Covey, Hannah Bassols, Jayde Nelke, Julia Bassols, Katelynn Clark, Kopelyn Olson, Olivia Baker

6 to 8th Grade Division

Match 1

Red Alert – 2 sets

Flip Stick – 1 Sets

Flip Stick – Aces –Hazel Willis, Isabella Heape, Rian Short, Zuri Blood

Red Alert - Aces –Bree Reardon, Pepper Paisley

Match 2

Shark Bite – 0 Sets

Aqua Lions – 3 Sets

Aqua Lions – Aces – Jaidyn Devos

Shark Bite – Aces – Quinn Paulson

Match 3 – Cereal Cup Championship Game

Green Gators – 1 Set

Orange Crush (6/8th Grade) – 2 Sets

Green Gators – Aces –Isabelle Meredith, Jaclyn Thomas, Tessa Dorr

Orange Crush – Aces –Gracie Wilson, Hanna Milligan, Harli Folda, Millie Cushman

Match 4

Purple People Eaters – 1 Set

Super Chargers – 2 Sets

Super Chargers – Aces –Adeline Mavrinac, Aleeyan Henderson, Haylie Slawson, Molly Thomas, Mya Caston, Rebekah Gies

Purple People Eaters – Aces – Desi Palm, Peyton Barclift



May 17

8U Coed

Belle's Brunch House: Ryan Baker 1-goal; Billy Kearns 2-goals

BZ Dirtworks: Kaelyn Ingalls 1-goal; Kash Tucker 1-goal

Doma Coffee: Jack Harrison 1-goal

North of Nowhere: Jaxon Burkholder 1-goal

May 19

8U Coed


Hayden Vision Source: NO STATS AVAILABLE

Saturday Night Inc.: Valor Cale 1-goal; Ryker Mulligan 1-goal; Jamie Whitcomb 1-goal

Viking Construction: NO STATS AVAILABLE

May 21

Mini-Kickers (3-4 yrs. olds)

Amendola Doty & Brumley, PLC: Oaklyn Cole 1-goal; Marlie Devitt 1-goal; Carson Heavey 1-goal; Alexander Menzies 2-goals; Holly Moore 1-goal; Rowan Moore 2-goals; Lucean Muse 1-goal; Thomas Zanetti 1-goal

Andy's Heating: Luca Clark 2-goals; Faye French 1-goal

Back Forty Real Estate: Will Andriese 1-goal; Tatum Turnbull 2-goal

Bear's General Contracting: Madilynn Smith 1-goal

Belle's Brunch House: Ada Sand 1-goal

Bent Liquid, LLC: Peter Amador 6-goals; Charis Cale 1-goal

Coyle & Eyman: Cy Pittman 1-goal

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids: Sawyer Shepherd 3-goal; Remi McPhee 1-goals

Fred's Plumbing: Wyatt Kenny 2-goals

Hayden Vision Source: Grey Gallia 2-goals; Niveen Jeffreys 1-goal

Henbest Hideaway: Arcturus Byrum 4-goals

Hustoft Designer Homes: Henry Barnett 1-goal; Elliot Brammer 1-goal

Lancaster Market: Cooper Swanson 2-goals

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry: Coda Stout 1-goal

Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties: NO STATS AVAILABLE

Open Road Auto Concierge: NO STATS AVAILABLE

Selkirk Sport: Ava Barnes 4-goals

Super 1 Foods: Walker Matuszak 2-goals; Kennedy Kincaid 1-goal

Tactical Detail: Kennedi Haycraft 1-goal; Addison Reyes 2-goal; Axel Zbinden 2-goals; Maybelline Sichelstiel 1-goal

Tim Buck Tu Appraisals: NO STATS AVAILABLE

VanZandt Financial: Owen Briggs 2-goals; McKenna Mulligan 3-goals

White Pine Wealth: Bodhi Kearns 1-goal

Micro-Kickers (5-6 yrs. old)

Avista: Rory Delaney 1-goal; Killian Pierce 2-goals; Jackson Populus 1-goal

Dougherty & Associates CPA'S: Bowen Flamm 1-goal; Isaak Sterling 2-goals


Glahe & Associates: Isaiah Vatterrodt 1-goal

Hayden Vision Source: Liviana Staeheli 2-goals; Adeline Zbinden 2-goals

Hubof's Landscaping LLC: William Doty 2-goals; Ellie Mahoney 1-goal

ICON Roofing: Rylan Wallenburn 5-goals

Inline Tax: Poppy Baumgardner 1-goal; AJ Bowman 1-goal; Nolan Busch 3-goals

Kootenai County Utilities Council: Hadley Cerkoney 3-goal; Piper Jett 1-goal; Aston Wilson 1-goal

Kore Power: Harvey Granier 3-goals; Tate Lamb 1-goal; Jayden Long 3-goals

Lake City Auto Care: Henry Mandel 2-goals

Lakeside Oral Surgery: Lincoln Haynie 1-goal; Luke Odom 1-goal; Blake Wuest 2-goals

Lakeside Pediatrics: Holden Anderson 1-goal; Kathryne Boggeman 1-goal

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry: Cameron Howard 8-goals; Cameron Nelson 1-goal

Master's Fence & Custom Iron Works: Jace Cullum 2-goals; Estes Hartley 2-goals

McDonald's: Waylon Burkes 1-goal; Ryder Kinsey 1-goal; Jace Rau 1-goal; Claire Rucinsky 2-goals

Mountain Bluebird Learning Center: Evelyn Butler 1-goal; Colin Happeny 6-goals

Saturday Night Inc.: NO STATS AVAILABLE

Selkirk Sport: Makenna Dauner 1-goal; David Ratelle 1-goal

Super 1 Foods: Addison Conley 2-goals; Lola Haycraft 1-goal; Graham Kreider 1-goal

Viking Construction: Bentley Brancato 1-goal

Wake Media: Allora Cooper 1-goal; Archer Jasper 1-goal

8U Coed

Ace Drywall:

Belle's Bruch House:

BZ Dirtworks:

CDA Painting Group:


Hayden Vision Source: NO STATS AVAILABLE

Idaho Forest Group: NO STATS AVAILABLE

North of Nowhere: NO STATS AVAILABLE


Viking Construction: NO STATS AVAILABLE

10U Coed

Clark's Jewelers : NO STATS AVAILABLE



Lancaster Market: NO STATS AVAILABLE

Looyenga Photography: NO STATS AVAILABLE



Trademark Mechanical: NO STATS AVAILABLE

12U Coed





15U Coed




Submit items for youth and non-varsity high school sports by noon Tuesday for publication Wednesday. Email stories and photos (in .jpg format) to sports@cdapress.com.

Information: 208-664-8176, Ext. 2019


Courtesy photo The Purple Panthers won the Cereal Cup volleyball championship in the third to fifth grade division of Real Life Sports. In the front row from left are Julia Bassols and Finley Covey; second row from left, Hannah Bassols, Katelyn Clark, Addison Baker and Kopelyn Olson; third row from left, Jayde Nelke, Olivia Baker and Iyla Oseguera; and rear, coaches Allison Rittenour and Daniel Baker.


Courtesy photo The Orange Crush won the Cereal Cup volleyball championship in the sixth- to eighth-grade division of Real Life Sports. In the front row from left are Hannah Milligan, McKenna Wilson and Riley Laney; and back row from left, Harli Folda, Millie Cushman, Gracie Wilson, Natayla Young, Chloe Hite and Vera Dahl. Not pictured are coach Brooke Folda and Bella Anderson.


Courtesy photo The Blue Thunder won the Cereal Cup soccer championship in the first- and second-grade division of Real Life Sports. In the front row from left are Joel Hampsch, Mathis Voeller, Jora Tesky, Sloane Stokes, Cohen Nagrone and Rory Vick; second row from left, Faith Dyk, Cashton Kirk, Kellen Dyk, Blaire Warren and Corbin Nagrone; third row from left, Elijah Larson and Caide Nyquest; and rear from left, coaches Flynn Vick and Brian Nagrone.


Courtesy photo Real Madrid won the Cereal Cup soccer championship in the third- and fourth-grade division of Real Life Sports. From left are Macklin Gillis, coach Brian Gelnette, Caiden Nagrone, Dylan Burnett, Ryder Iverson, Aure Brennan, Griffin Higgins, Lily Nelson, Elisa Burnett, Ellie Hill, Rylee Iverson and Brenden Whitney. Not pictured is coach Nate Brennan.


Courtesy photo The White Shadow won the Cereal Cup soccer championship in the fifth- and sixth-grade division of Real Life Sports. In the front row from left are Tyler Wiedmer, Olivia Meredith, Easton Annotti, Landon DeVos, Birdie Cox and Brody House; and back row from left, coach Josh Emery, coach Kiya Cox, Clementine Anderson, Lailah Bonner, Reise Reardon, Eli Whiteman, Lucas Rhodes, Andy Cox, Olivia Emery, Michael Lee and coach Ricki Stone.


Photo by ABBY FREMOUW The Timbers North FC 10 Boys White soccer team lost 4-1 to the EW Surf on Sunday. The Timbers' goal was scored by Mason Cramer. Pictured is Liam Garr-Coles, left, of the Timbers getting ready to send the ball upfield.


Courtesy photo Tyler Clarke, 15, a sophomore at Lake City High, bowled his first 300 game on Friday at Sunset Bowling Center during Thunder Bowl. Thunder Bowl is a weekly event at Sunset on Friday afternoons where they turn off the lights and have black light and strobes and music videos.


Photo by BRITNEY NUSSER On Saturday morning, the Thorns 2011 Girls Yellow soccer team tied with FC Spokane 2012G Premier team 2-2. Brightyn Gatten (pictured) and Hailey Viaud each scored one goal. Later that afternoon the Thorns played Spokane Sounders 2011G North and lost 3-1. The Thorns goal came from Brightyn Gatten with an assist from Kylie Lorona.


Courtesy photo The Timbers North FC 09 boys Red soccer team has had a busy two weeks of soccer. They had four shutout games in the recent Bill Eisenwinter Hot Shot Tournament and took first place in the U13 boys Gold division. On Saturday, May 7 they won 5-0 against NSC Montana and 3-0 against GESC 09b Black. Sunday, May 8 they defeated the Sandpoint Strikers 5-0 in the semifinals and went on to win 2-0 in the championship game against NSC Montana. In their league play, the Timbers played four games last week — a 4-0 loss on Sunday, May 15 vs WESC B09 Johnson Blue, a 5-0 win on Tuesday, May 17 vs Timbers North FC 2010 boys, and two ties this past Saturday, 2-2 vs WESC B09 Johnson Blue and 0-0 vs United SC Ops Estrada. The Timbers ended the league season 3-2-1, in second place for the Washington Premier League, Classic 1 East, U13 boys. In the front row from left are Rowan Wyatt, Blake Wise, Kason Foreman, Anthony Miller, Jacob Melun and Luke Fritts; and back row from left, coach Matt Fritts, Grant Johnson, Brooks Judd, Taylor Smith, Ayden Cragun, Stefan Pawlik, Creighton Lehosit, Payson Shaw, Sam Mendel, Mason Taylor and coach Jason Wyatt.

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