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Enrollment in VA health care gives you access to world-class medical care through the nation’s largest integrated health system. Our goal is to provide you and your family with personalized, proactive, and patient-driven care.

Did You Know…

• Nearly 6 million American veterans have chosen VA health care — more than one-quarter of all veterans — and many more may be eligible.

• An independent survey of veterans indicated they are highly satisfied with VA health care and would recommend it to their friends.

• One out of every three employees of the Veterans Health Administration is a veteran.

VA Serves Veterans

Through your honorable service to our nation, you may be eligible for many health care services and benefits. VA serves Veterans by providing benefits to help you take care of your family; buy, retain, or modify a home; earn a degree; start a career; and stay healthy.

Explore these and other benefits and services available through VA health care:

Individualized, comprehensive care. At VA, we partner with you to help you achieve optimum health throughout your lifetime. We offer a full range of health services to eligible veterans, including primary care, maternal care, mental health counseling, prescription drug coverage, surgical services, and, in some cases, vision and dental care.

Accessibility. Access VA health services at any one of our 1,200 care sites nationwide, including mobile health clinics that serve highly rural areas. Or consult your provider from home using VA clinical video telehealth technology. If you’re a combat veteran, you or any member of your family can visit one of more than 300 community-based Vet Centers, which provide transition and readjustment counseling; military sexual trauma counseling; and counseling for marriage, family, and bereavement issues. Vet Center staff can also refer you to other VA and non-VA services.

Innovation. Connect with your health care team through Secure Messaging or review and update your health and prescription drug records 24/7 through secure mobile apps or online.

Veterans of recent conflicts are eligible for five years of free VA health care, regardless of the status of their disability claims. Enrollment in VA health care satisfies your Affordable Care Act health coverage requirement.

Find Out How You Can Benefit

Submit an application form online, by mail or in person, and the VA will send you written notification of your eligibility status. Explore VA health care today at VA.gov/health-care.

Explore benefits at VA.gov or find local help in the “Resource Directory” in The Veterans' Press.

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