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TRUSTEES: Daydreams and realities

| May 18, 2022 1:00 AM

My wife and I have been involved in education since 1976. We just visited Eastern Washington University and talking to students.

Recently, there were only two photos of smiling trustees in the Sherman Building at North Idaho College.

Hey, I could be a new smiling trustee face!

Wrong! I lack the political expertise or the backing to be representing NIC.

My chances are about as good as an apple bobbing up-and-down the Amazon River eluding those “River Monsters!”

An interviewer might thank me for my very complete resume, including college transcripts. But I regret never having taken debate, political science, or cooking in school (I am a lousy cook!).

“Why do you want to be a trustee?” I fumble the question. I “major in a minor!” “There are too many gargoyles (28?) in Molstead Library!” You can hear a pin drop!

“It can be terrifying having a demon stare down on you, when you are studying Einstein’s mathematical tensor equations! Let the best gargoyle, as voted by the students — say “ultimate ruler” — be over the stack of books on fallen angels and demonology.”

However, over the physics section have Art 122 students design sculptures of Nobel Prize winners Marie Curie (2), Einstein or Feynman!

And over the cooking volumes have a statue of Julia Child!

Over Earth Science have models of the seven crystal systems!

My reference Mike Patrick could not be found? He was planning on leaving the land of eagles and big bears for the land of Everglades and Burmese pythons.


Hayden Lake

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