Monday, June 27, 2022

ABORTION: The actual cost

| May 18, 2022 1:00 AM

The illegally released draft of the Supreme Court’s view of Roe v. Wade continues to kindle controversy. What is critically absent from this noise is a discussion about empowering women to be accountable and take personal control of their own body.

In just one generation there has been an explosion of positive changes for women. In my mother’s life, salaries were almost always minimal and career choices limited; marital abuse was not abnormal or unusual; there were few sports for women’s participation; and both pregnancy and childbirth could introduce lethal and permanent complications.

With the sexual revolution of the ’60s came new, effective birth control options that any woman could individually access. Women didn’t need to have baby after baby. There now exists a larger, more effective variety of more long-lasting and effective contraceptives for women. Why are we treating abortion like a form of birth control?

Abortions are much more than surgical removing tissue…there are two victims. Baby termination carries a mental cost that lasts a lifetime.

It is time to talk about empowering women to accept personal responsibility for their bodies. This yields positive results! The unique value of each woman is precious. To young and mature women, let’s have tough talk about boundaries and choices, individual values and dreams, and the miracle of new life.

Truly, this is a goal all women can affirm.


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