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LITTLE: Leads with wisdom

| May 13, 2022 1:00 AM

Governor Little has served our state with wisdom, dignity and honor, displaying his obvious love for the people of Idaho.

He is kind, fair, thoughtful and friendly, working for the general peace and goodwill of our state. He has also been one of the best ambassadors for Idaho.

With deep family roots in Idaho country life, he grew up working on his family’s sheep and cattle ranch, later managing it for 30 years. This was after he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in agri-business from the University of Idaho.

He is a Christian (Episcopalian), married to Teresa since 1978, father of two sons, grandfather of six grandchildren.

Brad Little served in the Idaho Senate for four terms, was elected Majority Caucus Chair, and selected Lt. Governor under Butch Otter. I enjoyed observing his years of service in the Idaho Legislature after he had been selected as Lt. Governor. This role also gave him opportunities to travel and learn about Idaho’s commerce with other countries.

All of this experience and faithful service has benefited Idahoans. Indeed, we can all be thankful for citizens who pursue education, work hard, commit to God, family and country, and are willing to sacrifice their time and energy to serve their fellow citizens.

During these troubled times of wars and unrest in the world, we do not know what demands will be made to states. We need strong, experienced leadership at the helm. Also running for state offices are Scott Bedke, Phil McGrane and Lawrence Wasden, who can work together as a responsible team to help oversee our state’s leadership.


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