Wednesday, May 25, 2022

ASSESSOR: Setting record straight

| May 13, 2022 1:00 AM

I will be voting for Bob Scott for Kootenai County Assessor on May 17. He’s worked in the assessor’s office for almost 10 years under the leadership of Mike McDowell and my late husband Rich Houser.

Bob understands property value, Idaho tax law, customer service, the value of a good employee, so in turn the staff know how to serve all taxpayers. Bob is conservative, competent and community minded. He listens, he applies what he learns to improving processes, procedures and best outcomes for every citizen.

On a number of occasions, Bela Kovacs states that the current problems and contention at the assessor’s office are not his fault, but due to lack of undocumented processes and procedures, Yet, former assessor Mike McDowell assures us that these things are in place. One just needs to be willing to listen and learn.

Mr. Kovacs has stated that there was no leadership succession plan in place when he took over and that too has contributed to the discord in his office.

I assure you, my husband did not expect to die of a brain tumor within just months of being elected to the assessor position. He was just beginning his role as the elected county assessor, continuing a culture of teamwork, respect for one another, compassion for the less fortunate and above all, providing excellent, competent customer service to every taxpayer.

Bela Kovacs has had two years since he was appointed to fill an elected term to get up to speed and lead a team. He’s been unsuccessful. Enough excuses. The citizens of Kootenai County deserve more.

Bob Scott is clearly the best choice for Assessor.


Post Falls