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GOP central committee recommendations

| May 6, 2022 1:00 AM


“There is one and only one recognized Republican Central Committee in each of Idaho’s 44 counties. In Kootenai County, the recognized Republican Central Committee is the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee (KCRCC)." Tom Luna, Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party.

The KCRCC is composed of members, Precinct Committeemen, that are elected every two years by voters in each of the 73 precincts in Kootenai County. With each precinct having only one committeeman, the KCRCC has members representing diverse parts of Kootenai County, from rural to urban and everything in between. No other organization has such a broad representation of Kootenai County.

The KCRCC has a comprehensive rating and vetting program for candidates. Every candidate that chooses to participate begins by filling out a questionnaire (available on the website: kootenaigop.org/).

The candidate is then interviewed by our 14 member Elections sub committee. Next are background checks, candidate forums, and "Meet and Greets" to introduce candidates to the committeemen and the public. Finally, the entire committee participates in a special meeting where every race and every candidate is reviewed, discussed and debated as to the suitability of the candidate to the office and that the candidate shares the Republican values articulated in the Idaho Republican Party Platform.

That meeting culminates in a secret ballot vote. Candidates who receive 50% +1 vote become the KCRCC Recommended Candidates, but in this case, no recommended candidate received less that 84% of the votes. No other organization has a more comprehensive and transparent system of candidate Rating and Vetting. Criticism of our system predictably comes from candidates and their supporters, who did not receive our commendation.

There have been many claims by others that they are the "true Republicans" but they never say what standard they use to judge. The KCRCC uses the Idaho Republican Party Platform as the metric to determine who is a genuine Republican so that the voter may have confidence in our decisions.

KCRCC Recommended Candidates

Coroner Duke Johnson

Treasurer Steve Matheson

Assessor Bela Kovacs

Clerk Jennifer Locke

Commissioner D2 Bruce Mattare

Commissioner D3 Leslie Duncan

Representative LD2A Heather Scott

Representative LD2B Dale Hawkins

Representative LD3A Vito Barbieri

Representative LD3B Jordan Redman

Senate LD3 Doug "O" Okuniewicz

Representative LD4A Joe Alfieri

Representative LD4B Elaine Price

Senate LD4 Ben Toews

Representative LD5A Ron Mendive

Representative LD5B Tony Wisniewski

Senate LD5 Carl Bjerke

Superintendent of Public Instruction Branden Durst

Secretary of State Dorthy Moon

Controller Brandon Woolf

Treasurer Julie Ellsworth

Attorney General Raul Labrador

Lt Governor Priscilla Giddings

Governor Janice McGeachin

U.S. Representative Russ Fulcher

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