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RIGHTS: Fight fear with facts

| June 29, 2022 1:00 AM

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

There are Democrat strategists that have recently admitted that the only way to maintain their power is to promote fear across America. With the dissolution of Roe v. Wade and the striking down of the New York gun law, they’ve kicked their strategy into high gear. On June 27, I read Carolyn Mattoon’s opinion and honestly wondered if it was a joke. Then I realized, the strategy is working. But alas dear Carolyn, allow me to put your mind at ease…

Don’t panic…you can still end the life of the unborn that you’ve created.

The only military grade weapons accessible to civilians are 33 years old and very expensive. The very popular AR-15 is NOT military grade (“Shall not be infringed” allows us to legally own such weapons). The Second Amendment was written to protect the constitutional rights of the citizens of this country and to stand up against tyranny.

The concept of school choice is to assure parent approved education that aligns with their values, religious or not.

Don’t assume LGBTQ individuals are “classified as abnormals” just because people do not celebrate that lifestyle.

Your letter was clearly emotionally driven, with little or no basis in fact, as is evidenced with your comparison to Afghanistan’s Taliban. A day in a Jilbab would give you a different perspective.

People should study the Constitution and the rights it affords the citizens of this great country.


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