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Milestone Announcements

| July 31, 2022 1:00 AM


Del and Dee Doeding

75th Anniversary

On June 20, 1947, Dee and Del Doeding said "I do." Dee was a beautiful 15-year-old young lady and handsome Del was two days shy of his 19th birthday.

In June 2022, five generations of family and a host of extended family, friends and neighbors came together to celebrate their 75th anniversary… 75 years! So much love… It was a most amazing day!

Dee and Del were married at St. Mark’s Lutheran church in Steeleville, Ill. They made homes in Illinois, California and Oregon before settling in Hayden in 1990. They have three children, six grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren!

Donald and Paulette Fabian

40th Anniversary

Donald and Paulette Fabian, of Coeur d'Alene, will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on July 31, 2022. They were married in Seal Beach, Calif., in 1982.

Mark and Jan Martinez

30th Anniversary

Mark and Jan Martinez, of Hayden, are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. They were married Aug. 1, 1992.

Jan was raised in Santa Barbara, Calif., and Mark was raised in Arcadia, Calif. They met at church and were eventually married in Santa Ana, Calif. They moved to Idaho from Mission Viejo, Calif., in August 2020. Their children are Kaylyn Norris and her husband, Bradley-Anthony Norris of Airway Heights, Wash., and Lizzy Martinez of Post Falls. They have two grandchildren, Anthony and Cayden.

Jan is an accountant/bookkeeper and Mark is a mortgage loan officer.

Mark has written the following insight re: marriage:

When I'm asked what the secret is to a successful marriage, I think not of one single secret, but rather of five key secrets.

1) Have patience with one another. Marriage is a lifelong journey. You can't expect your spouse to think or act the way you would. Men and women are wired differently. You have to give your spouse the freedom to be themselves and understand how they think and act so you can support them. This requires patience with one another.

2) You need to be willing to own your mistakes. Every one of us will make mistakes in our relationship and whenever you make a mistake you must be quick to own it and ask for forgiveness. Don’t try to justify, don’t try to rationalize, just own it.

3) When your spouse makes mistakes, you must be quick to forgive them and then leave it. Don't ever bring it back up again. It's already been dealt with.

4) You constantly need to be working on your marriage; that means attending seminars, workshops, retreats and studies to learn different things to help you become the best spouse possible.

5) Most importantly you need to place Christ at the center of your relationship. When you realize Christ is the center, then you realize your marriage is not all about you. This teaches you humility. That by following Christ, you have the ability to understand what He desires in your relationship, and you place His desires above yours.

Dan and Elaine Henry

30th Anniversary

Dan and Elaine Henry of Coeur d’Alene are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. They were married July 25, 1992.

Elaine was born and raised in Riverside, Calif., and Dan was born and raised in Montebello, Calif. They met at Weed High School and were eventually married in Mt. Shasta, Calif. They moved to Idaho in February 2019. Their children are Tyler, 27, and Trayton, 24, of Coeur d’Alene.

They share that some of the secrets to a successful marriage include laughter, communication and keeping God first in their lives.


Ruth J. Fanshier

100th Birthday

Ruth J. Fanshier, born May 30, 1922, in Brainerd, Minn., celebrated her 100th birthday on June 6, 2022, with her immediate family. The celebration was held at Lake City Center and catered by Olive Garden.

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Del and Dee Doeding, 75th Anniversary


Donald and Paulette Fabian, 40th Anniversary


Donald and Paulette Fabian, 40th Anniversary


Mark and Jan Martinez, 30th Anniversary


Mark and Jan Martinez, 30th Anniversary


Dan and Elaine Henry, 30th Anniversary


Dan and Elaine Henry, 30th Anniversary


Ruth J. Fanshier, 100th Birthday

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