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EDITORIAL: This group is a light in the darkness

| July 29, 2022 1:00 AM

Youth, wisdom and integrity are all on proud display in one beautiful Idaho package.

Without naming names, the Idaho Young Republicans organization recently expelled two members, both very possibly from Kootenai County. The group’s stance and the reasons behind it are not just honorable, but inspiring.

In a July 22 statement from the Idaho Young Republicans Executive Team, the organization cited several disturbing incidents in recent months instigated by members of the party. These included “shenanigans” at the Governor’s Ball, aimed at newly re-elected Gov. Brad Little and his supporters; a well-documented attempt by local Republicans to fraudulently take over the Kootenai County Democratic Party in May’s primary election; and most recently, an inhumane prank intended to humiliate the party’s chairman, Tom Luna.

Luna had invited delegates to the state party’s bi-annual meeting in Twin Falls to join him for a pizza party. At least one of the men expelled by the Young Republicans distributed fliers to homeless families, inviting them to enjoy free pizza.

“Some of the most vulnerable Idahoans (including children) were manipulated and used for the sole purpose of embarrassing an opposing candidate,” the statement reads. “As Republicans, we should never tolerate behavior like this in our own party.”

But there’s more, words so wise, so strong yet compassionate, that they deserve to be echoed from every Gem State mountaintop:

“Republicans are a big tent party. It is why more people from different backgrounds are registering with us than ever before. Those who believe differently are not the enemy to be crushed. They are the mission-field of hearts and minds to be won.

“While we recognize that republicans may face the same types of attacks from democrats, we need to continue to be a light in a world already filled with too much darkness. We are called to pray for our enemies — not mock them. We can stand firm on our principles. We can be resolute in our policies. Yet we can still do everything in love towards our fellow Idahoans.”

To IYR Chairman Daniel Silver and members of the executive team, The Press salutes you. It’s our hope and prayer that older and allegedly wiser political leaders can learn from your organization’s shining example.

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