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EDUCATION FUNDING: Investing, not throwing

| August 17, 2022 1:00 AM

It’s a great thing for our democracy to have another reliable source of information to form our beliefs and to cement our voting choices. The Mountain States Policy Center might be another one of those sources. However, I must point out that the simple use of a demeaning verb (“throwing”) will not help in presenting a nonpartisan and helpful set of policies. The statement by Chris Cargill, CEO, shows a negative bias toward public education funding that has prevailed for years. He said, “Spending more money [on K-12 public education] does not equal better outcomes.” Except, instead of talking factually about prudent spending by elected/hired officials, he said it’s important for people to understand that THROWING money at K-12 schools doesn’t guarantee great results. Please stop using the term “throwing money at schools,” and instead talk about “investing in our schools and students.”

“Throwing” implies wasting money. Is it a waste of money to maintain taxpayer funded and built buildings? Is it a waste of money to build schools so our classrooms are not overcrowded? Is it a waste of money to pay our educators and support staff salaries and wages so they can afford to live in Kootenai County and work in our schools? Is it a waste of money to offer our students the same programs/technology/resources/facilities that children in other counties and states receive?

We invest in roads, parks, public lands, prisons, etc. Certainly we also want to INVEST in our schools and our children.


Coeur d’Alene

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