Monday, October 03, 2022

KINDNESS: More smiles and love needed

| August 12, 2022 1:00 AM

“North Idaho Rejects Hate” It should apply to everywhere! It seems that there is so much more “hate” in the world now than in the past. So, so sad.

Mr. Regan’s speech on Thursday used the word hate many times. This word, hard to explain, but just seems to be frequently used for so many things. Wouldn’t it be nice if the word love was used and thought of as much as hate.

The article in today’s paper by Mr. McKay was so appropriate regarding the use of the “smile.” We should use the smile in almost all occasions if possible — at the market, on the road, in your everyday activities. Think about what that might say to the world.

Yes, of course, there are problems that are hard to smile about but just think how nice it would be to see smiling faces instead of the frowns and the seemingly endless conspiracy ideas and distrust hiding behind so many faces, although I would say, sometimes not hiding but being very open and outspoken!

Stop and smell the roses. We are all human beings in this broken world so let’s try to be kinder to each other and SMILE more!

The motto of our church is “Love First.” Let’s try that along with a great big smile. Practice at home.



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