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ASSESSOR: Time to go

| April 22, 2022 1:00 AM

In response to the article regarding Assessor Bela Kovac’s remarks at the grange meeting on April 15, I would like to say once again Bela Kovacs is lying. If you read the letters from his managers and staff members, the common thread is that he lies.

Kovacs stated at the candidate forum that he did not know about the vote of no confidence and that it “wasn’t brought to his attention before going public.” This is a bold faced lie. Kovacs was told of the petition on Monday morning, April 11 by the Commissioners, Legal Counsel as well as Chief Deputy Allyson Knapp.

He was presented with the signatures that were compiled of the ENTIRE Residential and Administrative Staff (minus Bob Scott and Allyson Knapp), as well as eight out 11 votes from the Commercial/Specialized Appraisal Department. The three that did not sign are newly hired employees. The following day Kovacs sent his press release to the Coeur d’Alene Press PRIOR to the Office taking theirs to The Press. So tell me how it was that he did not know about this going to the public?

The Chief Deputy as well as the managers tried to speak with Kovacs on numerous occasions about the discontent in the office. He blatantly chose to ignore it. His ego would not let him believe that he did not have the support of his staff.

The article on his campaign website that was so disrespectful to staff both past and present has now been changed by Kovacs but the damage was already done and staff has been kicked for the last time. It is time that Kovac’s reign of lies and deceit ends. It’s time to take a stand for truth and I personally am proud of the staff of the Assessor’s Office in wanting something better than Kovacs!


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