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BEEF: Ranchers and resources

| September 24, 2021 1:00 AM

Cattle ranchers, like us, are dedicated to caring for our animals and the land every day of the year.

Our goal is to effectively manage the ranch and natural resources so we can pass them on to the next generation in even better condition. Our cattle graze on land that is hilly and heavily treed, so proper forest management is central to our conservation efforts. We keep space between trees and plant grass seed in open areas, which maintains forest health and provides forage for both cattle and native wildlife.

Our cattle grazing management practices provide productive, open green spaces rather than the land undergoing construction for developments and subdivisions — and our practices protect the environment. Grasses remove carbon from the atmosphere, storing it in the soil and grazing accelerates carbon storage in the soil which reduces the carbon footprint.

We select cattle breeds that are fit for the land and environment to improve efficiency and we installed a pond to provide water for those cattle, taking pressure off the stream and preventing bank erosion. We also share our ranch with visitors by hosting educational activities focused on cattle, forestry and the technology we use to manage resources.

My family takes great pride in knowing that we are providing you with high-quality protein in the most sustainable way possible.

Consumers should feel good about eating beef, knowing it is produced on ranches just like ours, by people just like us, across America.


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