Wednesday, September 22, 2021

KAVANAUGH: Accusation doesn’t hold up

| September 15, 2021 1:00 AM

The pot is always calling the kettle black: Democrats ask questions about FBI background check of Justice Kavanaugh.

Once again the truly honest Democrats whose goal is to stack the Supreme Court with progressive socialism and communism with their three-step plan for the U.S. to become a communist satellite. The FBI’s “tip line” for nominees undergoing confirmation received a letter from Director Wray wanting to know the number of “tips” were relevant of 4,500 (more or less). This included policies and procedures used.

Ms. Ford, a teenager (as was Kavanaugh) said she was assaulted by Kavanaugh. Did that mean they kissed, petted a little? Democrat, Republican, man, woman, me included would be hard to find one that hadn’t. Fifty years ago (give or take) to bring this up? My guess is someone in Washington reprimanded her.

Do the Democrats want to talk about Mr. Honest Biden and son and being investigated during his campaign, that the press and news forgot about? Now, chapter two, the new video with great picture and sound: Young son and a young lady have a lot more fun (no clothes, nice refreshments) than we had when we were teenagers. Well, most of us.

Of course there’s the thing about the laptop being stolen. This may have teen the third? You really have to hear the son’s words to understand. Oh, by the way, none of this took place in the states. Guess where it might have been?

Speaking of the court, what was the justice’s name they want to retire? Justice Breyer.

They never give up evil!


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