Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sheriff's blotter

| September 10, 2021 1:00 AM

Sept. 8

Notable calls

Total Phone Calls — 210

Total 911 Phone Calls — 240

Total calls dispatched —


Day Shift handled the following notable calls: A Deputy took a minor injury crash at Dakota and Reed.

A Deputy responded to 175 W. Orchard/Triple Play for an unwanted subject. This same group was called in last night for smoking marijuana in the room. The tenants were unruly and noisy and the management asked them to leave. They refused and cited racism. The Deputy convinced them to leave and provided them the number for the corporate office to lodge their complaints.

A Deputy spotted a known wanted person in Athol as he pulled into the food bank. The male exited his vehicle and ran on foot. The Deputy gave chase until the male ran into a wooded area. The area was checked, school notified and the truck towed. The Deputy completed a report and more charges were filed.

Deputies responded to N. Roberts Road for a road-rage incident. The R/P reported a man in a van threatened to kill him. The van was located and the other male was issued a citation for assault.

Deputies responded to the area of Lancaster and Strahorn for an intentional overdose. A male was reported to have drank acetone in an attempt to kill himself. He was located, in his truck, armed with AR-15 rifle. He was wearing a vest with 6 additional loaded magazines. He was intox and had an active misdemeanor warrant. He was transported to KH for evaluation and KH was asked to call when/if he is released.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls: A Deputy attempted to stop a motorcycle that was driving recklessly on I90 (speeding, doing wheelies and weaving in and out of traffic), which ISP was attempting to locate. The motorcycle took off when he saw the Deputy’s lights turn on, and was last seen westbound Prairie and Huetter at approximately 120 mph. 21-39641

A Deputies responded to Monarch Avenue for a report of a suicide threat. It was reported that a male was suicidal in his room with a shotgun. It was also reported that he had taken several medications to overdose. On scene they learned that he had taken prescribed medication as per his prescription. The shotgun, was also not in play, just in the room with him. Medical checked the male and a report was completed to document the contact. 21-39645

Deputies responded to a two-vehicle crash at Ramsey and Cardinal. There were no injuries and a report was completed.

A Deputy responded to a two-vehicle T-Bone crash at Hayden and Meyer. There were no major injuries and a report was completed.

Deputies responded to a two-vehicle T-Bone crash at Lacey and Maple. There were no injuries and a report was completed.

A Deputy took a report on Glacier Road reference a female wanting a bunny that she left at the home in a garden roaming free. The homeowner asked that she return the next day to get the bunny, since he runs a home for troubled youth, it was after bed time, and he didn't want her outside causing commotion while the kids were trying to get to bed. She perceived this as harassment and wanted to report several things, and she was advised to come back the following day to try to catch the wild bunny, which she agreed to do.

Night Shift handled the following notable calls: Nothing note-worthy to report.