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WORK ETHIC: Made in America

| October 31, 2021 1:00 AM

I evaluate America, I observe work is being replaced by cravings for free stuff. We’ve got the mentality our government should provide for us from cradle to grave. We need only snap our fingers and it’ll drop right into our laps, and it had better be quick! We don’t care who has to pay for it — as long as it’s not us!

Hard work has made America the greatest country on the planet — it was part of our DNA — it accomplished the American dream — get up early and get ‘er done, and by golly — it worked!

Samuel Goldwyn’s old quote “The harder I work, the luckier I get” made a whole lot of sense. Work should start early in our lives. What’s wrong with kids picking up after themselves, making their beds, emptying trash, pulling weeds, cleaning the garage, washing/cleaning out the car?

What’s wrong with mowing lawns, baby-sitting or flipping burgers to pay for their own clothes and entertainment? What’s wrong with kids paying for their first cars, gas and insurance?

Parents need to teach their kids the value of a dollar, the joy of earning it, and if they want something — work for it! We hamper our children for a lifetime if we don’t teach them in early years the importance of work. They should expect to help.

Much of our $30 trillion national deficit is because folks want free stuff. Stop it! Hard work “well done” gives a sense of pride and accomplishment; it’s very healthy for our bodies and souls. Remember, the Lord put Adam and Eve in the garden to tend it, not just to eat of the fruit! Work is a blessing!


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