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CRONYISM: A concern at NIC

| October 31, 2021 1:00 AM

North Idaho College is an incredibly vital part of a vibrant and growing community in North Idaho. The public funds that are invested in NIC are well spent. It was shocking that the recent president was summarily dismissed over a political issue, when he only had the best interests of the students, faculty and staff at heart.

But, now to read that the wrestling coach, who has no experience in academic administration, has been hired as interim president is even more shocking. It may well be that ‘…leadership is leadership…’, and that his experience in managing wrestling teams for five or so years will generalize to running a major academic institution. But NIC will now need a wrestling coach.

So, since I have a lot of administrative experience in higher ed, and no experience as a coach, maybe I can take over the wrestling team?

On a serious note, if Mr. Banducci and Mr. Sabaaly are close friends, as is stated in the article, then appointment of an unqualified friend to a highly paid position at a public institution — using public funds — must count as cronyism. Reputable institutions would not tolerate that because it undermines a sense of fairness and competency.


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