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Association endorses fire levy request

| October 30, 2021 1:00 AM

Those of us in public safety are blessed to be able to serve our community every day. The relationships and trust we have built are extremely important both to do our jobs in service to the people we serve, and to foster a sense of community.

Our community has experienced growth and an unprecedented increase in the use of first responders. In light of these issues, the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office Employee Association feels compelled to publicly support the upcoming election.

There can be little doubt that uncontrolled growth, a lack of strategic plans, limited impact fees, urban sprawl, and the breakdown of the mental health system have all contributed to this problem. Rather than see the impending doom of the future as calls for service and response times increase, we must fix the immediate need now and make sure our community's needs are met moving forward. This levy will make a huge difference.

Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Employee Association supports the Northern Lakes Fire and Rescue Safety Levy on Tuesday and respectfully requests your support and assistance in passing the measure. Adding more firemen and medics will help law enforcement do its job.

-Zachary Sifford, President

Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Employee Association

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