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PARENTING: Value of work ethic

| October 29, 2021 1:00 AM

Do you want your children to grow up to be successful? Then STOP handing them everything! Look around you at local business owners and neighbors, they didn’t get “all the nice things” because they were “handed it!” They worked for it!

Look at your mayor, Steve Widmyer, newspaper route, same with Mr. Hagadone (RIP). I see parents handing their children whatever they want, cellphones, cars, games, expensive unnecessary shoes, because its ‘fashion,” toys, notebooks (computer), the list goes on!

We complain about this spoiled lazy generation, well how did they get that way? Ask the PARENTS, did they have to do chores? Earn money for extras? Ask the next person you see that you feel is successful in life, how they got there! You may be surprised.

Local businesses can’t find workers, yet the demand for service is high! Let’s change and teach the next generation how to WORK! The government wants us dependent on them for everything, that way they control you! Be independent, work hard, be a good human.

It’s leaf pick up time, have your kids go to your neighbor and ask if they can rake into the street for them, mow their lawn, shovel snow, etc. Rogers Burgers here locally is a perfect place for a 14-year-old to learn customer service, hard work, multi-tasking, and so much more! Just one example. I mowed lawns for $2, babysat for .50 an hour, did chores on Saturdays (for .25) mostly because I was expected to! Parenting is a JOB, with consequences.


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