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FOX: Ready to help lead Rathdrum

| October 29, 2021 1:00 AM

I first met Mike Fox 37 years ago. We both served many years as general managers of cooperative supply and utility companies, dedicated to exemplary service to our customers in North Idaho.

Mike had a solid reputation as an outstanding leader, with well-formulated plans and efficient guidance of his business, with an unwavering focus on efficiency and cost-controlled operations.

Mike has closely followed the workings of Rathdrum City Council for several years. He has a fervent feel for the culture of this community and how to keep it in check for the future.

There is no one more qualified than Mike Fox to represent the residents of Rathdrum. In a couple years you’ll take satisfaction in looking back and telling yourself, “I did the right thing in voting for Mike Fox. He did everything he promised in maintaining and enhancing the qualities we like about Rathdrum.”



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