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VIEWS: Many and necessary

| October 28, 2021 1:00 AM

In a recent column regarding the KCRCC, Ralph Ginorio wrote: “In a North Idaho with so many self-avowed Conservatives, I have long wondered why our local governments are so ideologically moderate or even progressive.”

Perhaps it is that people vote for people, not ideologies or those who pass litmus tests prepared to weed out any who do not toe the party line.

Who among us gets to define just what is meant by “our culture,” “traditional American values,” “RINOs,” Leftists, etc.?

Is it the self-anointed who claim to have great passion and moral clarity? Look no further than the Middle East to find those who exhibit great passion and claim moral clarity.

How many in our country have died needlessly due, in part, to the politicization of a vaccine? Is this passion and moral clarity?

There is a saying: “Beware those who claim to know the truth, follow those who claim to seek it.” Perhaps our society should be open to those with other viewpoints, be respectful in discussing differences, try to determine how we can live in communities, instead of compounds.

Hopefully, in this way, we can achieve a common understanding of the traditions and values that can hold us together.


Coeur d’Alene

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