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SOCIAL WORKERS: Serve and vote

| October 28, 2021 1:00 AM

There is no denying, the elections next week will be a turning point for our community. This is why all eligible citizens should have a plan to vote and this includes my colleagues in the social work profession. Social work is guided by six broad ethical principles, two of which are service and social justice. Social workers are to help people in need and address social problems. Social workers are also to challenge social injustices. Both of these principles can be put into action by voting in local elections.

What are other reasons that social workers should vote? Social workers are in a unique position to understand and advocate for the needs of our community based on the work we do. Voting supports the political power of clients and communities and it powers the fight for racial, social and economic justice. Elected officials create policies that impact almost all areas of our lives. Specifically, social workers should be involved with school board elections due to our distinct knowledge and skills about children and youth issues and needs.

When my fellow social workers head to the polls on Nov. 2, I implore you to review our Code of Ethics before you head out the door. It might help guide your decision-making on what candidates support our values of service and social justice. This means a vote for May, Smith and Swingrover for School Board.


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