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SCHOOLS: Just the facts

| October 28, 2021 1:00 AM

There is a lot of false information flying around the community about the CDA School District’s budget deficit this year. As a public finance attorney who has worked with countless school districts and government entities, I’d like to clear some of them up.

  1. The District has absolutely NOT been in a deficit position since 2010, it is unique to this year and caused by the Idaho Legislature voting to hold back needed State funds and force the District to fill the gap with federal dollars, that otherwise could have been used to make much needed repairs to District facilities.
  2. All of the ABC candidates voted against the levy in March. Word on the street is that they claim that it is because of CRT. That is a LIE. CRT had not even been raised as an issue in March. Imagine the District deficit without $20M used to pay our beloved teachers’ salaries.
  3. School funding is a very complicated issue. Not only did the Legislature withhold specific funds this year, but State funding is based on student attendance, and with all the absences due to illness, the District is receiving less funds, adding to the deficit.
  4. The District has been transparent in its plan to right size the budget. It’s available on the District’s website (along with all the rest of the District’s financial information). If State funding isn’t reinstated, layoffs will likely have to occur.

I believe Smith, May and Swingrover are the right candidates to continue to manage this complicated budget process. I’m tired of hearing about lack transparency when all of the information is available by law.


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