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GOP: Local RINO speaks

| October 28, 2021 1:00 AM

Open letter to Brent Regan and Ralph Ginorio: When we are coerced to think alike, talk alike and act alike we are well on our way toward communism or fascism.

If the KCRCC vetting process is thorough, why did you endorse Reilly? Why should we believe your other endorsements are sound? You are trying to replace some very qualified people. Our nation went through a similar witch hunt during the McCarthy era of the 1950s.

I am one of those persons the KCRCC calls a RINO. I supported Republican candidates from Eisenhower through 2017 when they controlled the Executive and Legislative branches of government. Lowering the corporate tax from 35% to 20% was excessive, 28% would have been sufficient. Wall Street certainly didn’t need stimulation. We need a balanced budget.

If the KCRCC wants to vet candidates for local offices they should also make their national stands public. Democracy was nearly lost during the Capitol riot. Mike Pence served us well.

• Did Trump break the law when he threatened Georgia’s Secretary of State?

• Trump was watching TV while the mob stormed the Capitol. Is that leadership?

• Do you believe the 2020 election was wrought with fraud? Trump’s own election supervisor said no.

• Will the effects of climate change impact future national budgets?

If Republicans support Trump for a second term, they will lose to the Democrats. I would like our present U.S. Senators and Representatives to answer the questions presented above. Locally, please vote for the Press endorsements.


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