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DePRIEST: Responsible growth candidate

| October 28, 2021 1:00 AM

The people of Hayden NEED TO vote for Ed DePriest for Hayden City Council Seat #2.

Ed is not beholden to any group and has proven his civic involvement in trying to keep some minimal semblance of what North Idaho is (has been?). He has pointed out the 2040 Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map, which will densify Hayden, to achieve the current “Smart Growth Model” of smaller (aka TINY) lots. 1,400 acres of ‘mixed use’, (12-15 dwelling units per acre = a potential 16,800-21,000 “apartment units,” and accompanying traffic, in 15-20 years), in the Hayden city limits, and a goal to ‘maximize’ development on larger roads.

There is NOTHING wrong with Responsible Growth, which Ed DePriest is advocating. At least keep Hayden from becoming like Post Falls with thousands of apartments going up/approved, a height limit of 105 feet for at least one ‘new’ zone and the ‘right’ for property owners to build high density residential in almost any commercial zone (instead of, or in addition to, businesses).

Ed is not supported by the big money land owners and developers, who coincidently are also on the Hayden Urban Renewal Board, (no potential for a conflict of interest there?) as is the incumbent Mr. Panabaker. He is not endorsed by the North Idaho Building and Contractors Association (NIBCA) (vested interest Density!) who support the incumbent. Save yourself before you are Post Falls.


Post Falls

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