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DALTON: Vote to keep it rural

| October 28, 2021 1:00 AM

Deceptive politicians get elected to office more often than some can imagine. The struggle is always finding candidates that are truly servants and not using the office for professional gain. In Dalton Gardens, Sue Supp and Curt Jernigan are servants, truly wanting to keep Dalton rural. They will work together to hold off the present mayor’s drive to open Dalton Gardens to special interest development.

The present mayor of Dalton Gardens was elected because no one else ran. If only we had done our homework! We should have found another candidate. This mayor has been called “recalcitrant” (defiant or willfully disobedient) by no less than the Idaho Supreme Court, when he was a defendant in a civil suit. It’s public record: https://isc.Idaho.gov/opinions/45200pdf.

Although he is not running this election cycle it’s important to understand that he clearly has his own agenda, wildly divergent from the majority of Dalton residents, which must be resisted.

The mayor is focusing all his efforts to change Dalton’s rural space into a building contractor’s paradise, where development and increased density would be the only concerns. I’m sure most Dalton residents agree that these are not our only concerns. Voting in Sue Supp and Curt Jernigan certainly would help protect Dalton Gardens from the mayor’s unyielding obfuscation.

Here is my message to all voters in Dalton Gardens: We must elect strong individuals who will frustrate any plans to increase the density of Dalton Gardens. We must hold fast against opening the city to development. We must fight to keep Dalton Gardens rural. Sue Supp and Curt Jernigan will be strong in protecting Dalton Gardens from becoming a developer’s paradise.


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