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TEACHERS: Support these three

| October 27, 2021 1:00 AM

As a collection of concerned teachers and educators in the Coeur d’Alene School District, we would like to express our thoughts regarding the school board elections.

Many of us have been quietly doing our job of teaching students in our school district while filtering through the mire of political discourse in our community. Here are some thoughts:

Social and emotional learning (i.e. civil discourse, identifying emotions, having empathy, sharing, respect, etc.) has been taught by effective teachers for decades and centuries! Class size reduction (and therefore the students’ ability to get the individual attention they need) has been a huge benefit to our schools in the past few years. The professional development we have attended in the past six years focused purely on reading, writing and thinking strategies. The “Workshop Model” brought a more engaging style of teaching of basic skills to our students. We are still teaching the same state standards.

Despite some opposition, we are so thankful to our School Board and community for the approval of our school levies since 1986 that supply buildings, officers, nurses, technology and extracurricular activities. The safety, mental health and well-being of our students is too valuable to allow children to be pawns in a political arena.

In order to build upon these successes, we need to elect school board members whose goals are motivated by what is best for our students.

Please join us in voting for Rebecca Smith, Lindsey Swingrover and Lisa May.

Aaron Hayes, Abby Fremouw, Aleasha Hamilton, Ali Mancha, Allie Robataille, Amber Lingelbach, Andy Beaudry, Ann Romeo, Anna Taylor, Annie Beardslee, Ashley Tenney, Becky Orchard, Cailyn Knudtsen, Chad Odenthal, Charlene Babb, Crystal Bain, Dale Johnson, Derek Kohles, Dustin Shafer, Emily Garrick, Eric Edmonds, Erica Lindholdt-Duncan, Erik Karns, Erika Carlson, Ginny Whiteside, Heather Schreiber, Holly Weymouth, Honey Sayler, Jacelyn Mercer, Jaime Valenzuela, Jeni Nelson, Jenifer LaBau, Jennelle Cavanaugh, Jennifer Edmonds, Jennifer Fisher, Jennifer Gardner, Jennifer LaBau, Jessica Bistline, Jim Phillips, Jonathan Madrid, Julia Smulkowski, Justin Taylor, Kari Tapia, Karina Hogan, Kathleen Severson, Kathy DeLong, Katie Lovitt, Katie Palmer, Kayla Schaffer, Kelsey Cordes-Snyder, Kerey Dahlgren, Kim Conigliaro, Kim Cunningham, Kimberly Ziegler, Kris Hinz, Kristin Odenthal, Kristina Phillips, Laura Siegford, Leslie Odenthal, Linda Parkin, Lisa Manning-Blattstein, Lisa Rakes, Marci Wing, Marcus Ross, Margo Swanson, Maril Valle, Mary Hamilton, Megan Beaudry, Melinda Hennig, Michael Emory, Michelle Biediger, Mikaela Martinez, Moira DuCoeur, Nathaniel Bergstrom, Nicole Leppert, Phil Corless, Rachel Karns, Saprina Schueller, Sarah King, Sarah Lilyquist, Scott DuCoeur, Scott Traverse, Shani Mantz, Shanna Marshall, Stacy Doerr, Tami Vandegrift, Teresa Armstrong, Tim Burnside

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