Sunday, June 26, 2022

OP-ED: Progressives don’t get it

| October 27, 2021 1:00 AM

Tony Stewart’s Op-Ed from Oct. 20 displays very well the progressive worldview. Progressives have a proclivity for projecting onto their opponents the negative characteristics that they possess. A campaign of divisiveness and fear is propagated by the progressives and not by Americans who oppose their worldview. Progressives focus on the negative aspects of American history but never give credit for how well America has done in improving human rights. Because America has not implemented its founding principles perfectly, the progressives have judged that America is irredeemable, and therefore, it must be fundamentally transformed.

Today’s college campuses are fraught with the suppression of free speech of conservative voices through the veto of the heckler. Pro-life advocates in colleges are very often ostracized. LGBTQ rights is often translated into a “need” to oppress religious freedom to express doctrinal principles, and the targeted religion is Christianity. Progressives celebrate diversity of appearances but not diversity of thought. Critical Theory and its offspring Critical Race Theory, which are constructed on a Marxist framework, have infiltrated the institutions of American society. The progressives’ embrace of postmodernism with its rejection of the concept of objective truth will endanger our freedoms as the “woke” leftists advance in dominating American society.



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