Saturday, June 25, 2022

LEVY: Trust earned, and deserved

| October 27, 2021 1:00 AM

This letter is about the harm one man may have done to himself and to people in our area. Armed with a few facts, Mr. Seely’s front-page confrontation of the proposed override levy seems to give him some credibility. Sadly, he is like many of us old fogies who think we know it all.

His argument is built on lack of trust. It’s a common theme right now in North Idaho. “Don’t trust!” government, primarily, but also any entity that has some control of money. We should no longer trust school boards, scientists, the medical profession or politicians, unless they protect our money.

However in this case, Mr. Seely’s advocacy is self-defeating behavior. He fails to recognize that Hayden View, where he lives, is close to the National Forest, a prime area for fire danger in these times. Maybe he’s OK with his home burning down. Ignore the important facts about fire danger in the Northwest and North Idaho! Save a few dollars a year for the next few years, and hope you are justified in your thinking.

The alternative, be humble enough to admit that Chief Riley and his Board have done their homework, and trust them. That may save your house, too. It does take some humility to admit that these folks may know more than you do.



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