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LAKELAND: Recall board chair

| October 27, 2021 1:00 AM

I am writing to support the Recall of Lakeland Trustee Michelle Thompson. There are several reasons behind my position, but the most recent event is her failure to support an Emergency Levy. This levy would have allowed the district to hire staff necessary for student growth and allowed for reasonable class sizes.

As a 34-year resident of the Lakeland School District and a district retiree, I watched our district face many years of growth. Being fiscally conservative, Lakeland never tried to predict where the growth would occur. To do so would have potentially obligated the district to honor contracts that were not needed. Instead, the district chose to wait until students actually enrolled before adding teachers and staff. They did so through the Emergency Levy process allowed by state law. This process was always prudent and took the needs of students and staff into consideration.

In September, our board opted not to approve an Emergency Levy. Trustee Thompson adamantly opposed an emergency levy in any amount, saying the district needs to “look in our own house and maybe clean it up” (Coeur d’Alene Press, Sept. 18). If she were doing her job as a trustee, she would recognize that the district runs on a lean budget, one which she approved.

I urge you to Vote YES TO RECALL Trustee Thompson. Let’s return to a well-managed, fiscally conservative district where What’s Best for Students still matters.


Retired Lakeland Principal


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