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Anonymous notes aren't the answer

| October 27, 2021 1:00 AM

Even using civil words doesn't always equate to civility.

A Post Falls resident sent a photo and a message to the editor on Monday night. The photo shows a copy of the Sunday Press with a pink sticky note attached, and on that note it says:

"As your neighbors and as people who care deeply about the future of Post Falls schools, we are providing this paper to ensure you have full information about the sign in your yard."

The unsigned note has an arrow pointing to the top front-page story Sunday, about Post Falls School Board candidate David Reilly, who has drawn fire locally and nationally for anti-Semite, anti-female and other comments before moving to Post Falls a year ago.

The Post Falls resident's message to the editor was headlined Passive-Aggressive Politics? and it read:

"My family and others woke up to newspapers with handwritten notes on our porches, presuming we were not informed voters. This was a middle of the night, sneak quietly onto our property to make a point, act. We would have gladly answered a knock on the door. A cup of coffee, some fresh banana bread and a shared conversation would have been welcomed and far more productive."

Burgers in Rathdrum and coffee in Post Falls. Sounds like good ways to look each other in the eye and actually try to communicate.

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