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LAKELAND: Recall a necessity

| October 22, 2021 1:00 AM

The current Lakeland Joint School Board concerns me. I have watched numerous school board meetings over the last year and am astonished how unprofessional and unqualified some of the board members are. I have lived in the Lakeland School District for 55 years, worked for the district for 30 years, and currently live in Zone 3, and I definitely support the recall of Chairman and Trustee Michelle Thompson.

In my 30 years in education as principal, coach and teacher, I am proud to have worked with amazing people who toiled endlessly to ensure our community and students were given the best support, care, love and education possible. I continue to stay in contact with many of the educators in our district and the current teachers and staff continue to provide this.

Our current board is micro-managing daily operations, over-reaching its duties, and creating a hostile work environment which ultimately affects the most important purpose of education, which is providing for the students. Our community deserves better leadership.

Lakeland has been a model district in Idaho for numerous years — please help keep it that way by voting YES for the recall of Michelle Thompson.


Retired Principal


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