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JUDGE: A job well done

| October 22, 2021 1:00 AM

Much praise to Judge Cynthia Meyer for her decision to deny the motion to a teen who is accused of rape. The details were in the front page of the Local, Oct. 6 edition. The article states this teenager, now 18, was so arrogant that he wore a shirt with the words “I am not a felon” at a party prior to his sentencing.

What is so disturbing is that rape to this day is still thought as just a minor thing. The level of cruelty this teenager displayed is a testament to what many men think of women.

If while in prison he should be sodomized, that might be the only way this teenager will ever comprehend the devastating effects of his actions. Then and only then would he have any idea what it is to lose control of your body to someone else.

You would think after being in law enforcement for 26 years one would get used to the cruelty we as human beings display to one another, but then you read an article like this and think we have not come very far from the dark ages.


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