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GINORIO: Family values, my foot

| October 22, 2021 1:00 AM

Mr. Ralph Ginorio,

Pray tell us all exactly what is your definition of a “Traditional American?” Personally, I know I do qualify. I was born in the United States of America, I worked 30 years as a registered nurse, my husband and I have been married 59 years, and reared two decent, law abiding daughters, one a teacher and one who has her own business.

My father fought in World War II; my husband served his country in Korea. No one in my family has ever broken the law, we pay our taxes and we have all done volunteer work in the communities where we have lived.

I do not agree with your politics at all. The Republican Party (those who espouse conservatism) has done nothing in the last several years to conserve anything. You ran up the largest debt in our history, now you do not want to pay that debt. Your party is hell-bent on destroying the Earth on which we all depend for our lives.

You espouse “family values” but do not care about a child after it is born. You supported a man who is definitely NOT a Christian, who lied constantly, cheated on his three wives. Paid off porn stars to keep them quiet. So, no, you do NOT support family values. My husband and I, contrary to your hero, have been faithful partners for 59 years.

So, I know “family values” and apparently, your party and you do not! A “traditional American” does not incite an insurrection against our government.

Please tell us all your requirements for being a “Traditional American.” Next column?



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