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GINORIO: Column missed the mark

| October 22, 2021 1:00 AM

In Mr. Ginorio’s Oct. 15 Op/Ed he attempted to circle the wagons around the term “Traditional American.” This is worthy of consideration. The term sounds more like a construct of a fantasy football league than something derived from empirical evidence.

One might conclude that an educator of history would place the term “Traditional American” closer to the category of an oxymoron than a battle cry. Toss in a bonding agent like “common folk” and you have yourself an audience.

Occasionally, some things are too difficult to ignore, especially in these tumultuous times, and to ignore this misdirection when this moment calls for humanity, compassion and the Golden Rule would be irresponsible. This should be our call to duty, our cause, our quest toward a true traditional paradigm, not an opportunity to promote one’s myopic views, and self-interest where “a civic war for the very soul of our culture” is somehow justly being correlated to hospitalization rates and our freedom. The very freedom that affords us a right to be cared for if we are in need of medical attention in the first place.

I don’t believe “closed-minded” is how one should label the authors of “An Open Letter to the People of North Idaho.” The “closed, and civically minded signatories” as they were so affectionately referred to, did what more common and prominent citizens should be doing: Getting loud and advocating for our hospital workers, which could, one day, correlate to advocation for someone we love.


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