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DEFINED: Portrait of a Graduate

| October 22, 2021 1:00 AM

Inspirational: Content knowledge: persistent, academically prepared, financially responsible

Communication: Articulate in expressing thoughts and ideas, able to listen well, thoughtful in asking questions

Creativity: Innovative, curious, connected/Character: accountable and responsible, self-aware, and resilient, empathetic and compassionate

Collaboration: Initiative, cooperative, flexible

Critical thinking: Able to solve problems, independent and open-minded, confident, and analytical.”

Is this what an employer wants in a good employee? Is this a model for managers to follow? Is this what you hope you are? Actually, this is on a poster in every classroom in SD271 called “Portrait of a Graduate.” How could anyone associate these qualities as Marxist or Communist or jump up and down calling out the district for ‘indoctrination.’ If this is indoctrination, then I say: Good job SD271.


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