Saturday, June 25, 2022

Let's bring back civility

by EVALYN ADAMS/Guest Opinion
| October 15, 2021 1:00 AM

Congratulations to Tom Hearn (Oct. 1, "Bully tactics have no place here") and Dave Walker (Oct. 2, "Candidates, take this vetting test") for recent opinions expressed in the CDA Press regarding the lack of civility being expressed by too many people these days. I wonder where these people came from as I can remember much more peaceful responses to elected officials a decade or two ago. Hearn was very concerned about the bully tactics expressed by people toward the school boards and others. Walker wondered how many of those wanting to be elected had ever volunteered for agencies or in other ways to make Coeur d'Alene a better place to live.

Two members of the CDA School Board just resigned and although they may have wanted to spend more time with their families, I’m sure they just didn’t want to have to live under the strain of constant attack by unruly citizens who were always in arms about something. These people are so concerned about conspiracies in education and having a mask or vaccination mandate that would make it more safe for students in the classroom, that they exhibit rage and an attitude that makes others cringe and feel unsafe.

In that Friday issue of The Press where Tom Hearn’s article was printed, there was an article about the Civic Engagement Alliance hosting an education forum. It would be wonderful if some of the protesters would take advantage of this effort to increase the level of civility. Can’t they understand how destructive their actions are to our community? It is upsetting to see the examples they are providing for their children and other young minds.

It is a sad reflection on the community when the former NIC president sues the college and specifically three board members for a wrongful firing without cause. What an example of arrogance instead of a desire to better serve the students at our community college.

As a former teacher in the CDA District and a former elected Kootenai County commissioner for two terms, I want to express my dismay over these outrageous attitudes. When I was in office, Republicans and Democrats used to work together to make things better in the community and the state. Parents in the school district showed respect for teachers and those on the school board. Now the far-right Republicans want to dictate who should be elected in every position — even those that are supposed to be non-partisan. I’m sure the three NIC board members had their blessings and support!

Many of these protesters are worried about the vaccinations available for COVID. I’ll bet if all the social media hype had been available during the polio and smallpox vaccination eras they would have been against those too. And now, those horrible diseases are almost extinct. My grandson didn’t want to get a vaccination but when I asked him if it was important to do to make sure he didn’t expose his vulnerable grandfather to COVID, he got the shot.

Many of our doctors and nurses have expressed their heartfelt concerns about all of the hospitalizations and deaths being caused by a lack of vaccinations and other safeguards. They are working under extreme pressure to serve those in their care and it doesn’t seem right that they should have to work so hard and face constant criticism.

I’m not sure if my words will make a difference, but I felt compelled to express my deep concern. Maybe there are some leaders in the religious community that could help heal these harsh and uncivil attitudes. I pray someone out there can make a difference and that people can start expressing care and love toward others instead of the arrogance and hate which is far too evident.


Evalyn Adams, a former Kootenai County commissioner, is a Coeur d'Alene resident.

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