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HAMMOND: Friend, mentor, mayor

| October 15, 2021 1:00 AM

I met Mr. Hammond for the first time when I was an eighth-grader at PFMS (a long time ago). I walked across a field each weekday to Seltice Elementary to serve as a third-grade teacher’s aide. Mr. Hammond was the school principal.

Several years later, our paths crossed again when I opened a business in Post Falls. Mr. Hammond had been serving as mayor, active in the Chamber of Commerce, and other nonprofits and he encouraged me to engage as well.

I found Jim to be a person who I could trust, a leader I could learn a great deal from and most of all, a public servant who cared deeply about his community. Apparently, the rest of North Idaho recognized all his abilities, intellect and integrity, as he was later elected to represent us as our state senator in 2007.

Over the next decade, Jim Hammond and I served alongside each other on matters of economic development, education, transportation, health and safety. I know Jim to be a man of his word, a man who values family and respects the opinions and concerns of those he serves.

Jim has many titles including husband, father, grandpa, teacher, mayor, senator, city administrator, citizen of the year and dozens more, but I am honored to call him my friend and mentor.

Jim Hammond could easily sit on the sidelines, he has earned “retirement” for sure, but he is answering a call to serve … again. I admire him for that. I encourage you to vote for Jim Hammond on Nov. 2.


Post Falls

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